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Registration begins September 1, 2016

Summary of the game:

Each site chooses a country capital anywhere in the world and develops 9 clues about that capital. ALL clues AND the capital chosen are sent to the organizer of the game. Each Monday for 3 weeks during the game, one set of 3 clues from each participating site will be posted on one e-mail message to each team. During each week clues are posted, each participating site may ask ONE yes/no question of each site playing the game. Direct guesses are not permitted until the third week. After the 3 weeks of clues, participating sites will have one week to try and guess the country capital each site has chosen.  The week after the guesses are sent in, a tally is posted of all participating sites and a winner declared. The       winner is determined by the location that has the highest number of guesses correct. A team's own site is not included in the scoring

Moderator - Carol



 This game is  designed for students in grades 7 and lower(approximately 13 and younger) and for students who are using English as a second language. It  will be limited to no more than 15 teams. If more than 15 teams register then the additional teams may be placed on a waiting list. If there are enough participants, there will be two groups.  In writing the clues, students  must also include the latitude of their capital rounded to the nearest ten degrees as the fifth clue...

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